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Ibaraki education plan (summary version)

Basic theme

Aiming for an educational prefecture where everyone shines

photo For a resource-poor country like ours, cultivation of human potential, ouronly resource, is essential.
We will be raising human resources that will lead both Japan and the world and look after our communities.


What is the Ibaraki Education Plan?
The key policy for operating the educational administration of this prefecture.


We created a new education strategy to carry us forward from 2011 to 2015 and to highlight the measures and policies that must be taken in order to handle the various issues inherent in today’s education as well as to aimfor the achievement of future vision of Ibaraki as seen in the new Ibaraki Overall Plan, ‘The Lively’Ibaraki Lifestyle Plan’.Since this will become the key policy for operating the prefectural educational administration,we created this Ibaraki Education Plan.



  • To develop the ability and aptitude of each student and cultivate a rich sense of humanity.
  • To promote the development of a strong body and an energetic spirit.
  • To instill in students a sense of cooperation and community.


The 5 Pillars Supporting the Basic Theme (Basic Policies)

Basic Policy 1

Improvement of Educational Ability as a Society

Main actions

To promote links and cooperation between schools, households, communities and corporations, publicize Ibaraki Educational Day/Month, improve educational skills in schools, households and communities, and promote various activities to encourage mutual recognition and social participation for citizens. photo


Basic Policy 2

Enhancement of Education that Cultivates the Ability to Aim for the Future

Main actions

To provide better education to children to develop solid academic skills, adapt education to globalization and social changes, improve teachers’ teaching skills, develop better teaching environments, and enhance special needs education aiming for independence and social participation. photo


Basic Policy 3

Education Leading to Richness of Spirit and Strength of Body

Main actions

To strengthen moral education and participative activities, increase physical education and sporting opportunities, establish career education to develop views on careers and work, and promote education to nurture attachment to local traditions and culture. photo


Basic Policy 4

Creating an Environment for Lifelong Learning

Main actions

To develop an environment for lifetime quality learning, promote cultural and art activities to enrich people’s lives and offer sporting opportunities. photo


Basic Policy 5

Environmental Upgrades for High Quality Education

Main actions

To make schools more attractive in response to the advancement and changes in society, and develop more learning facilities. photo


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