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Organization of the Ibaraki Prefectural Board of Education

April 1st,2015

Board of Education


Education Agency

[Main Office]

Education Agency, Ibaraki Prefecture
978-6 Kasahara-cho, Mito, 310-8588〔21st to 23rd floors of the prefectural government building〕

Planning Section
General Affairs Division
Finance Division
Compulsory Education Division
Senior High School Education Division
Special Support Education Division
Lifelong Learning Division
Physical Education Division
Teacher's Welfare Division
Culture Division


Local Education Office(5)


Prefectural Schools

Junior high schools(1)
Senior high schools (95 branch school)
Secondary Education schools(2)
Schools for special needs Education (22)


Other Educational institutions

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Ibaraki Prefectural Library
Ibaraki Prefectural Museum of Modern Art
Tsukuba Museum of Art
Tenshin Memorial Museum of Art
Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum
Ibaraki Nature Museum
Ibaraki Teacher Training Center


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Ibaraki Education Plan

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